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About levon

Levon is a non-profit Scandinavian based group of investors. Our approach is driven by our mission to create sustainable value for Zimbabwe.

By linking Zimbabwe to the economic power of China and a broad network in the western countries coupled with the mindset of Scandinavia, we explore investments which are primarily commercial driven, while also taking into account economic contribution, in terms of job creation, technological content, societal returns and other forms of economic multipliers.​

We strive to elevate Zimbabwe to its rightful position in Africa by encouraging collectivism in the population, a mindset that has worked well in Scandinavia.  We believe that this approach to business and society, in small and medium scale, will bring prosperity to Zimbabwe.

​We remain open to invest in new sectors that offer strong potential to help build the country’s long-term competitiveness. These include investments that we believe will shape the economy of the future, provide strategic linkages, and enable the nation to tap into new growth areas.

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